The Savior’s Longest Prayer—part 1

Hello readers, I missed my post last week because I had some troubles with my back that put me down for most of the week. I’m here again and continuing with the prayer series.

Today we will look at a prayer found in John 17:1-26. It is the longest recorded prayer of our Savior. In chronological sequence, it occurred before Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane and his prayers on the cross, the subject of my previous two posts.

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Prayers on the Cross

Today we will examine the three distinct prayers of Jesus, our Redeemer, while he suffered on the cross. As Lent 2021 begins and soon the observance of Easter what better prayers to look at than those of Jesus Christ, as we continue this series on prayer. After all, he is the Master, Teacher above all teachers, and the only one unstained by sin.

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Prayer in the Garden

I’m continuing with the study of prayer. Today we will join Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane to discover what we can learn. The account of Jesus in the Garden is recorded in three of the Gospels. It is found in Matthew 26:36-46; Mark 14:32-42; and Luke 22:39-46.

Clichés generally have a nugget of truth in them as is the case with the phrase, “More is caught than taught.” Mankind does absorb much knowledge about life through those around us. It would have been the same with the disciples who spent three years in close companionship with Jesus. Therefore, we are going to observe what Jesus taught the disciples through his life actions and spoken words.

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Go into Your Closet

Last week we looked at Jesus’ response to the disciple’s request, “Teach us to pray.” In this study, we will further investigate Jesus’ instructions about prayer. We will examine what he said at the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), just before presenting the prayer model–the Lord’s Prayer.

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Teach Us To Pray

My previous post Divine Power touched on prayer as the means to tap into Heaven’s power and authority. In this writing, we will take a look at a well-known prayer from scripture, commonly referred to as the Lord’s prayer.

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Divine Power

I have been tucking away notes, thoughts, scriptures, and questions about prayer for a few years. The intent was for use in creating a small group study. An incident occurred this week that brought that prayer focus to the forefront of my thoughts again.

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Fighting Master Control

A few years ago, during a hot and humid summer, I was privileged to spend a few days away at a lovely high-end resort. I am a person who requires little to no air-conditioning, preferring to be a bit warm versus cold.

Naturally, the resort had the rooms adequately cooled for the comfort level of the masses, not me. It was frustrating when I adjusted the thermostat in my room to suit my comfy preference and then shortly after it defaulted back to the original chilly setting. This happened numerous times making me ever so cold and uncomfortable.

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Make Haste

Jesus cures the lepers.

I have benefited from, Alan Kearns, a brother in Christ who authors Devotional Treasures. I’ve profited as he shares wisdom, knowledge, and insight to passages of scripture each day. If you are seeking a solid biblical supplement for your Bible study time, I highly recommend checking out his blog. Plus, he features stunning photography from Scotland, the part of God’s grand creation where he lives.

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Scarlet Sins—White as Snow

The photo above is from my yard a few winters ago. I don’t particularly like snow, it’s cold and I don’t take pleasure in cold weather. Because I live in the Midwest I see and experience it almost every winter. Visually, I enjoy freshly fallen snow, the picturesque kind, when it looks like a white blanket just covered the landscape and it sparkles as the sun hits it. At those moments it looks like greeting card art—it’s beautiful. Why do I enjoy that?

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Touch of Love

Recently, my father and I were the recipients of a touch of love and encouragement from our Creator God. Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself—you need a bit of background for the context to be understandable.

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