Peanut Butter Cabinet

I have two small dogs named Tucker and Webster. They do their jobs of being my companions and security alarm system. If someone knocks at the door or enters my home, they tell me, “someone’s here!”

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I love how the Holy Spirit can reveal something fresh in a familiar passage of scripture. Today, while I was reading in the Gospel of Mark, I was reminded again of God’s sufficiency by the response Jesus gave his disciples.

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Calm Trust

One lesson we can learn from the Teacher, Jesus Christ, is calm trust. As I was reading a passage in the gospel of Matthew, I was struck by the juxtaposing reactions of Jesus and his disciples.

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Real Freedom

In the US, we just celebrated Independence Day, commemorating the day we became a free and independent nation. That freedom isn’t perfect, at best it is a representation of true liberty. Nations rise and fall. However, genuine freedom is available to all regardless of the country where you reside.

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Carpe diem

Carpe diem—seize the day, how does one seize the day? We could have as many answers as people reading this. While my daughter recovers from major surgery, I’m seizing the day with five of my grandchildren.

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A Modern Psalm

The biblical Psalms is a book of poetry. It is comprised of various types; psalms of praise meant to be sung, psalms of lament, and psalms of gratitude celebrating God. It’s easy to distinguish these three types but there may be additional categories or subcategories. Today, I’m going to share a modern psalm.

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Time, Talents, and Treasure

Recently, I took a short trip to visit a friend that has moved. We renewed our friendship and encouraged each other. After that trip, I spent three days at a Christian Writers Workshop. When I returned home, my mind and heart overflowed with memories, experiences, and fresh ideas. I asked the Lord what I was to write. God inspired me through a post by Pastor Pete, author of “Praise 2 Worship“.

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There is a sweet camaraderie in the presence of friends. As I write this, I’m on the end of a mini-vacation visiting a friend who moved 1100 miles (1770 km) from my home town. As I planned for my trip, thoughts stirred about friendship.

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Courageous Adventure

Men at Ellis Island waiting to travel circa 1910.

In the early 1900s, my paternal grandparents were immigrants to the United States. At 18, my grandfather left family, friends, and everything he would have known in his home country of Denmark for the opportunity and hope of a better life in America.

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Caution Infectious

Recently, I encountered a person who infected me. This man was working the checkout register at a consignment shop I entered. He did not infect me with a virus, illness, or some other dreadful thing; no this is an infection I hope to spread more of.

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