Infinite Holy Almighty God

A respected friend asked me if we are growing or spreading our wings rather than unlearning regarding my last post. She reminded me that our spiritual life is a journey that’s a long-term process. Then she asked, “Will we ever know Truth until rigor mortis sets in?”

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Once upon a time, my thought processes were influenced by parental guidance, formal education, life experiences, and choices. These formed the lens or paradigm through which I viewed life. My thinking is now being challenged. It can be uncomfortable, even jarring to be pushed from the established ruts running throughout my brain.

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Recently, I had a special little house guest for an extended weekend. He became ill the second day at my home and had a quick 24-hour recovery but then I caught it. Unfortunately, I’m not as resilient in my sixth decade as a child in their first. I had four days with a fever leading to a long week of recuperation.

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Trivia and Truth

Many readers expressed enjoyment in the lessons God renders through nature. So, I’m sharing this sequel to “Loner or Lost” with more lessons from Canada geese.

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Loner or Lost

Honk, honk, honk

Hearing the distinguishable sound of the Canada goose surprised me, interrupting the quiet of my frigid January chore. I was out in my yard cleaning up frozen dog poop. I looked up and, rather than witnessing a flock in the typical V-formation, I was astonished to observe a single lone goose flying overhead.

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In Review

Oftentimes people make an assessment of their personal lives or businesses during the beginning of a New Year similarly bloggers may make an assessment of their posting stats. Looking back at an overview can reveal growth, strengths, and weaknesses, or aid in discerning if headed toward the intended goal.

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Fresh Start

“Oh, Honey,” I asked, “what happened,” finding my youngest grandchild attempting to scoop handfuls of dirt off the carpet. Bursting into tears, this precious child sobbed, “I was gonna get paper and colors out of the desk. When I opened the drawer, the plant tipped over.”

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I Get To

When we cross paths, he seems to do a happy little jig. Mr. Delightful (not his real name) is like that so upbeat and full of life, he radiates joy nonstop, and his exuberance is magnetic. I’ve been blessed to cross paths with Mr. Delightful at various times. Each time he impacts my spirit.

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Master Artisan

Recently, I’ve been thinking about God’s sanctification process in my life. Reflecting on where I once was and who I’ve become through the process. Those musings inspired the poem I share today.

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Lamentable Loneliness and Faithful Friend

November 6th was “International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians,” many will experience loneliness through the atrocities they suffer, such as isolation from their community, denial to work or purchase food, imprisonment for their faith, or even murder of family members.

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