No More Whining

Recently, two phrases set in motion ponderings about running the race of life with endurance. The first was a thought about Christians having less concern regarding living well and more practice dying well. The other was a remark about God using trials and hardships to get whine out of us.

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Valuable Nuggets

Valuable nuggets are free and available to those who search for them. I’m not talking about precious metals or gemstones but rather priceless principles—Biblical truths to stand on. Of course, the best location to find them is in the Scriptures.

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Thy Kingdom Come

Life can feel crushing. I presume everyone has an experience in which they can relate to the feeling of being crushed by circumstances. Scriptures contain numerous stories of faithful individuals enduring hardships. During hard times, those testimonies of victory, endurance, and hope; fortify our faith.

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In the Old Testament, Israel was frequently instructed to celebrate in order to honor the LORD. They celebrated with festivals, special commemorative days, and by remembering important events like the Passover. It is evident from the narrative that the Israelites were earnest in celebrating.

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Dress for Success

Recently, I revisited my earliest posts. It was interesting to observe my writing and spiritual growth. I found a portion of my first post to be timeless in content—a long prayer. I share it today because many readers will not have seen it before. It is both fitting and relevant, with few modifications, amidst current political tensions and during the commemoration of Holy Week.

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Infinite Holy Almighty God

A respected friend asked me, “are we growing or spreading our wings rather than unlearning,” regarding my last post. She reminded me that our spiritual life is a journey that’s a long-term process. Then she asked, “Will we ever know Truth until rigor mortis sets in?”

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Once upon a time, my thought processes were influenced by parental guidance, formal education, life experiences, and choices. These formed the lens or paradigm through which I viewed life. My thinking is now being challenged. It can be uncomfortable, even jarring to be pushed from the established ruts running throughout my brain.

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Recently, I had a special little house guest for an extended weekend. He became ill the second day at my home and had a quick 24-hour recovery but then I caught it. Unfortunately, I’m not as resilient in my sixth decade as a child in their first. I had four days with a fever leading to a long week of recuperation.

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Trivia and Truth

Many readers expressed enjoyment in the lessons God renders through nature. So, I’m sharing this sequel to “Loner or Lost” with more lessons from Canada geese.

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Loner or Lost

Honk, honk, honk

Hearing the distinguishable sound of the Canada goose surprised me, interrupting the quiet of my frigid January chore. I was out in my yard cleaning up frozen dog poop. I looked up and, rather than witnessing a flock in the typical V-formation, I was astonished to observe a single lone goose flying overhead.

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