Attitude Adjustment – part 1

With God Nothing is Impossible

Prevailing Events
In January, who would have imagined the Covid-19 situation we are currently living in, certainly not me, yet here we are. Like many, in the early onset of the “Stay at Home” orders I could dig into neglected projects or extra deep cleaning. But after the first month I got slammed by the loneliness and total isolation. I began to feel intense, over-reactive and at times a bit irrational.

One Saturday afternoon, I took my dogs for a 30-minute walk on the University campus of my town. During that time, I saw one other human being from a block away. That is not normal for this location. It felt like something from a science-fiction book or film. Before seeing the other person, I had a momentary bizarre thought pop into my mind. Are you the only person left on the planet?

Reality Check
As you become acquainted with me you will learn my faith is integrated throughout who I am. When I get rattled or insecure in my emotions, my confidence in the Lord is what gets me grounded and stabilized again. I journal and my journals are filled with prayers. Some of those will be shared here, other times it may be a devotional from a lesson I have learned or observation about life.

The current example is regarding an attitude adjustment I much needed. At the core of my loneliness was envy of others who have family at home. I am a widow so “stay at home” = being alone. My thinking became foul with the envy that distorted the truth. Everyone is impacted in some way by this crisis.

What changed my attitude? Two scripture passages, the first was a reminder of where the government truly rests – on the Lord’s shoulders (Isaiah 9:6). That truth quieted and stilled the frustrations stirring in me about how things are handled. The second was a gentle reprimand from my heavenly Father from Ephesians 6:10-18. I had let my bad attitude infect my daily actions and had become lethargic. I lacked motivation to get dressed for the day or make my bed. What’s the point, who’s going to see? No one is coming or stopping for tea.

Refuting the Lie
The Lord’s rebuke was in the form of reminding me I am NOT alone. He is with me always, and He sees. I felt the conviction of that truth and the guilt of my sin that God is so ready to forgive. So, I poured out my heart in the form of a written prayer in my journal. That is part two of my attitude adjustment.

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Attitude Adjustment – part 2

The Government on HIS Shoulders
Father, thank You for always looking out for me and all of mankind. What comfort You brought in the reminder that the government is on Your shoulders. Thank You for the peace You give. Thank You for Your goodness and Your plan.

Forgive me for my times of allowing anxiety to stick its toe in the door. Forgive me for the way I have become lackadaisical in my thinking during this isolation. I must remember… I am NEVER alone because You are with me at all times and all places. You, the King of Kings are with me when I rise in the morning, while doing daily tasks, while eating my meals and all other points between.

Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I resolve to do better. I am going to get up and dress for my King. I must first discard my apathetic attitude that has allowed me to become careless and neglectful of the gift You have given me. You created me; You love and cherish me; therefore, I should honor Your presence and prepare myself for You each day.

Dress for Success
People in the business world have an expression saying, “dress for success.” Holy Father, You are the One who provided articles to dress for success. Forgive me for allowing them to lay heaped in a corner like yesterday’s dirty laundry.

Each day I must put on the belt of truth – making Your word priority over the most recent news release. I need to put on the breastplate of righteousness – act in a manner pleasing and in honor of You, my Lord. I should have the gospel of peace on my feet to do Your bidding. When I hear Your promptings, let there be no lack of confidence or confusion – rather an immediate response of, “Yes Lord!” with joy and gladness to serve YOU.

Let me never forget my shield of faith or lay it aside as something unnecessary – You provided this important piece to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Thank You for that power and protection. The helmet of salvation will protect my mind – thank You. The sword of the Spirit is the required weapon I am to use, Your word – to defend and slay whatever evil comes my way on this day.

Start Fresh
It is time, this is the day to start fresh. I will leave yesterday’s sins behind under the grace of Jesus’ cleansing blood. Prepare me to be an instrument in Your hands. Use me to do Your will in sharing the gospel, in spreading life, hope and encouragement. May You get all the glory and Your name be praised. Hallelujah and amen!

Every story of conversion is the story of a blessed defeat.


Dive Deeper
What is your blessed defeat? How have you leaned into God more because of your defeat?

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  1. Good Morning Friend! Read your whole Blog page! Its great! I really appreciated the ‘dress for success’ section and reminders of all the ‘war armor’ God has provided. I need to get FULLY dressed for success everyday! May the Lord Bless your writing and those who read it.

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  2. I appreciate you taking the time and not quitting through all the frustrations of learning to blog because your writing is so enjoyable and thought-provoking. Thank you for persevering in what you knew you should do. I am confident this blog will be a blessing over and over. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Love and prayers.

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