Bird Lessons 101

American Goldfinch out my window.

The Secret of Birds
Watching birds from my kitchen window or sunroom is a pleasure. Of all creatures God has created, I believe birds exemplify some foundational truths about how we should live. In Matthew 6:25-34 and Luke 12:22-34, Jesus used birds to illustrate the foolishness of worry as He taught the disciples. Jesus told them they were worth more than birds but birds don’t have to plant or harvest–God feeds them. Having a bird feeder or bird bath available has given me a frequent visual reminder of the teaching–God provides. Worrying is a destructive mental habit.

Birds remind me of God’s dependability. One of His Hebrew names is Jehovah Jireh which means The God who provides. Over the years as I have observed various birds and pondered the Lord’s teaching, birds have provided other lessons too.

Contented Life
I have never seen a bird appear stressed or nervously fretting even when landing at an empty feeder. They trust the Creator and live in contentment.  The bird flits on its merry way, without attitude, to find another source.

Joyful Life
Birds don’t act grumpy if the weather is too hot, cold, windy or rainy. They happily sing their song of praise regardless of the type of day or circumstance. Let’s follow their example, get up and start each day with praise. Live life with joy overflowing into song.

Live a contented life, overflowing with joy
by choosing to set aside your worry.

manette Kay

Dive Deeper
Are you content in life? What will you do to replace complaints and grumbling with praise? How will you trust the Heavenly Father this week?

Black-capped Chickadee enjoying seed.

Heavenly Father, thank You for always providing. Open my eyes when I fail to see the provision that comes from Your hands. You have always given me enough to sustain me for the day called today. Forgive me when I get anxious because there is no excess in the freezer, pantry, or bank for a future day.

The birds of the air have food and the grass and flowers are clothed. You said I am more important than those so I can trust You will care for me and guide me. Please show me how to steward well the things You generously give. Do not let me arrogantly doubt or criticize Your gifts to me.

Teach me to overflow with Your praises in song each day that I will live a contented life. Fill my heart with gratitude for who You are, not just what You can do. Thank You for loving me.

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