Can I Pray First?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus said we are to become like little children to enter the kingdom of Heaven? In what ways? How do I become like a little child? Let’s examine this idea further, by contemplating the obvious traits we can associate with a young child.

Children are trusting, innocent, teachable, content in depending on others, and they delight in their parent’s affection. As children develop their own personhood, we see them acquire the characteristics we associate with older children and adults. Unfortunately, all too often the earlier traits get lost due to the brokenness and vile sin nature of humanity.

Jesus wants us to trust Him. We can be innocent only by the shed blood of Jesus, so we must have a repentant heart. We need to let go of self-sufficiency and find contentment in God’s providence. When we have that level of child-like faith and humility we will be filled with joy and delight in the presence of God.

Lesson Learned
A distinct memory I have involves some preschool children from in-home daycare, years ago. It accentuated the “like a little child” that Jesus spoke of. We had a routine of praying before meals and all who desired would have their turn. This led to children enthusiastically requesting, “Can I pray first?” They were full of joy and innocent exuberance about praying! I recall thinking, “Do I get that excited about praying? Lord, forgive me.”

For Further Study
Can you become more child-like in your faith? Do you get excited about coming to the Lord in prayer? Read and meditate on Matthew 18:1-9 and 19:14-15.

Father God, thank You for showing me what is necessary to enter Your Kingdom. Fill me with the natural trust of a child and keep my heart teachable. Put in me such gladness that I come to You with enthusiasm when I pray. Lord, I want to always have a genuine thrill about the forgiveness You offered to me through Jesus Christ. Thank You for giving peace and rest when I depend on Your Fatherly provision.

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