Troubled Turkey

Wild turkey hen with juveniles.

Some believe the turkey is a stupid bird. I will let the wildlife biologists debate that case. I’m going to share an interesting encounter I had with a wild turkey one morning.

I live in a very urban area one block from a heavily traveled four-lane road. But because there are 100 acres of preserve two blocks in the opposite direction, I do see my share of wildlife in my city neighborhood.

Rattling Gate
My back yard is enclosed by a privacy and chain link fence. I was startled by the sound of the chain-link gate being rattled. I will hear that sound if a raccoon or squirrel happens to be using the gate as part of their traveling route. However, this time was different, longer than the momentary climbing of a critter. It was a persistent and intermittent shaking noise. Enough to convince me that I may have a trespasser attempting to get into the yard. That would be odd because it was daylight.

With my phone in hand ready to call for help, I stepped into the sunroom, the only location allowing me direct visual access to that area of the yard. I laughed in astonishment at the sight before my eyes. A wild turkey and a young juvenile were standing near the locked gate attempting to get outside the yard. The hen was grasping the wire of the fence in her beak and shaking it as if she thought she could open it and walk right through.

Futile Attempts
She would rattle the mesh of the chain-link pause a moment, stick her head through and repeat the cycle. Her efforts were futile in gaining her access outside the enclosed yard. When she spotted me, she clumsily flapped her wings in an awkward combination of a hop and flutter, perched herself on top of the privacy fence followed by her youngster. Then the pair were off to freedom.

I cherish moments like those. They add joy to a day and give me cause to ponder what lesson I can learn from God’s interesting creation. As I was reflecting on that amusing scene, it occurred to me it was not humorous to the hen. She appeared quite frustrated or distraught that she could not get herself and her chick through the gate. She was putting forth tremendous effort with no success.

I recognize a similar trait in the supposedly more intelligent creature – man. How often do people attempt to gain the freedom of Christ by their own efforts? We shake the gate to redemption by our good works, a life of servitude or attempting to live right according to the law. People cannot make themselves right before God by any self-righteous acts.

Any means apart from the power of Jesus Christ will prohibit access to real freedom. We gain immunity from the bondage of our sin when we stop our self-methods and trust Jesus. We are saved by faith alone.

“So if the Son sets you free,
you really will be free.”

John 8:36, CSB

For Further Study
Are you rattling the gate of Heaven with futile attempts? What things do you need to surrender and trust fully in Jesus? Read and meditate on these passages that affirm we are saved by grace, 2 Timothy 1:9, Romans 3:20-26, and Romans 10:9-10.

Holy Father, Your way is the only way to a life of freedom. Thank You for the plan to have Jesus pay the penalty I deserve. Forgive me of my sins and offenses against You. Forgive me for all self-righteous acts. Help me relinquish futile attempts at righteousness. I am a sinner who needs You to set me free.

Put in me a pure heart and a desire to live according to Your will. I long to live with a heart of gratitude for what You have done. Jesus lived a perfect sinless life for me. I will accept the grace You offer through Jesus Christ – thank You!

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Wild turkey photo credit Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. That must have been fun to see the “turkey trouble” going on in your backyard! I liked the spiritual applications you made from your experience, too. Great post! ~Robyn

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