The Lord is My Banner

The past week has been a continuous onslaught of events beyond usual life displeasures and irritating incidents. I will not bore you with a list because that is not where I want the focus of this post to land. I desire to direct all eyes towards Jehovah-Nissi one of the names of God meaning The Lord is My Banner. That name is mentioned in Exodus chapter 17.

Exodus 17 is after the Israelites have left Pharaoh’s oppressive slavery, after God provided manna and quail in the desert, and after God brought forth water from a stone. All amazing events but I want us to take a closer look at some things that may be easy to gloss over as we read this historical narrative.

The chapter ends with the Amalekites attacking the Israelites. Moses went to the hilltop with Aaron and Hur. While Moses kept his hands raised up the Israelites were winning the battle, but when his hands lowered the Amalek prevailed.

Life Lessons
During my spiritual battles, this story came to mind. I reread this passage and a few things stand out in a fresh way. First, I notice Moses did not stand alone on the hilltop he had Aaron and Hur with him and Joshua took others into battle as Moses instructed him. I am reminded, a soldier goes to war with a unit, troop, or battalion. He doesn’t fight the war alone.

Second, “Moses’s hands grew heavy.” I see nothing to indicate that Moses’s faith had weakened rather his body became weary in the battle. He got physically tired. Third, Aaron and Hur provided assistance and encouragement by moving a stone for Moses to sit on, and they stood with Moses holding up his hands.

God brought comrades-in-arms to assist in my time of battle fatigue. How did they assist? Standing alongside me in prayer, speaking truth (scripture) over me to “hold” up my arms, listening as I talked through the crushing events. These acts encouraged and enabled me to say as Moses did, “The Lord is My Banner.”

For Further Study
Read Exodus chapter 17. Are you battle weary? If so, you may want to see my devotional Praise Him where God impressed upon me that being a Christian is not a solo thing. There are occasions we need to ask for help or assistance and graciously accept it when provided. A similar theme is repeated today.

Maybe this finds you fit and strong – great. Then you can be an Aaron or Hur to someone who needs it. Look around who’s arms are slowly dropping? Who is in need of assistance? Help that person. Read Romans 5:1-5 this was one of the passages shared with me. It served as a reminder of the victory that comes through knowing God and the Holy Spirit transforming lives.

Father God, thank you for sending comrades when I am battle weary. Thank you for reminding me of the fact I need others in the war against the enemy.

When I am strong, open my eyes to see who I can assist. Don’t let me miss opportunities to serve my brothers and sisters, who are engaged in war with the enemy. May we each lift our hands in praise as we declare complete victory because You, our Lord, are our banner.

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  1. Manette,

    Bulls eye today! A soldier goes to war with a battalion. If needed, God brings the comrades to help.
    I feel I need many prayer comrades. I am struggling to get 2 Christian novels published and the way is being hindered greatly. Hope you and your readers will put me in your prayers. The enemy works to destroy, but God is stronger. I feel a great army of prayer warriors today, in the throne room of God making requests. I love opening the beautiful and wonderful words of Christian bloggers. Thank you so much for this encouraging writing today. God bless.

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