Healing River – A must see movie

I loved this film. From the opening scene onward, I was drawn into the character’s lives and struck by the diversity of cultures and ethnicities represented in this film, it is a multi-cultural mix of humanity. This movie is no fairytale version of Christianity. It’s not overly sanitized and filled with platitudes. Blogger, Dave Peever’s, review of this describes the experience well without spoilers for those who will be watching Healing River.


This is not my normal type of post. As a matter of fact I never have and may never again create a post like this. It is not my calling to do reviews or promote products but after watching the movie Healing River and being profoundly moved I had to let you know about it. Full disclosure, I have a casual friendship with the film’s Writer/director, Mitch Teemley, very casual, he is a Facebook friend and fellow blogger who I have never met in person but feel I know him a little because of these platforms. It was because of this I gave the movie a try and I did not regret it!

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