Enemy Lies

You may have heard someone say, “I’m so stupid” or said it yourself at some point. The thought has popped into my mind when I have done something foolish. As I have matured, I have gotten better at squelching such thoughts.

Years ago, one of my children really wrestled with this lie. I call it a lie because we are all created in God’s image. God is not stupid therefore it is a correct assumption that we are not stupid.

History records numerous accomplishments that would indicate proof of mankind’s brilliance. We may actually be too smart for our own eternal benefit because man has the propensity to quickly forget our necessity to trust and depend on God.

The accuser Satan, who is the enemy of our soul, would like for us to align our thoughts and words to contradict God. When God created Adam, the ancestor of all humanity, He declared His work “very good” not stupid.

We will undoubtedly do some thoughtless and unwise things in the course of our lifetime. Those particular actions may come out of immaturity, ignorance or a rebellious spirit. A person who is tender towards the convictions of God will confess their foolishness and repent without self-degradation. That is smart – living in God’s grace.

Now if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God–who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly–and it will be given to him (James 1:5, CSB).

For Further Study
Read and meditate on Genesis 1:26-31, Matthew 4:1-11 and Revelation 12:10-11. Do enemy lies settle in your mind? Do you practice speaking life-giving words? What do you do to align your thoughts and words with the truth of God? Please share in the comments below, your experience may bless or encourage someone who reads this.

Father God, thank You for offering wisdom to those who ask. Lord make me quick to recognize enemy lies. When I hear lies give me the boldness to speak truth over myself and others. Jesus refuted Satan in the desert by speaking truth, help me to do the same thing.

God, I want my thoughts and words to be in alignment with Your character. I pray what flows out of my lips will be life-giving words. Words that encourage, inspire and point others to You.

When I encounter someone hooked with an enemy lie, fill me with Your grace and compassion to kindly speak truth and allow the Holy Spirit to do the redemptive work in the heart. Thank You for loving me.

About Manette

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, grandmother, great-grandmother, foster care parent, and trauma survivor. I enjoy sipping tea, writing devotionals, prayers, short stories, and unburdening my heart to the Lord. Check the About section if you want to read more of my story.

Copyright © 2020 Musings of Manette Kay™ All rights reserved. Requests to the author and publisher, Manette Kay, for permission.

Desert image by Greg Montani from Pixabay.
Truth/lies graphic image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay.
Compilation of desert and truth/lies image created by Manette Kay.
Silhouette-goodness image by John Hain from Pixabay.

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