Bless the Lord

For the past two weeks, I had five of my grandchildren under my care as their momma recuperates from major surgery. I’m not accustomed to the rhythm of homeschooling, meals, laundry, and life with five each day. In the midst of the chaos that comes naturally with kids, pets, and altered schedules, I lost focus a couple of times. But then I cried out in prayer and God answered always showing his faithfulness.

The days were busy and enjoyable. Having my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren near is a great blessing. As I reflected upon the blessed time, I wrote this Limerick.


When tension flares, I’m tempted to rant
but humble entreat my God will grant.
Chains of stress shall be reprieved,
Yahweh hears—prayer received!
Now, shout and praise with angelic chant.

© Manette Kay

I invite you to magnify the LORD with me and exalt his name on this Thanksgiving Day.

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ, grandmother, great-grandmother, foster care parent, and trauma survivor. I enjoy sipping tea, writing devotionals, prayers, short stories, and unburdening my heart to the Lord. Check the About page if you want to read more of my story.

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10 thoughts on “Bless the Lord

    1. Thank you. The children have gone back home. Yes, it’s great to have family close because I know many are separated by geographical distances and some do not get the opportunity to see one another. Have a blessed day.

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  1. The Lord is so good as evidenced by the Limerick that was born out of this experience. I’m a teacher by trade and have homeschooled our children for the last 9 years. It has been the most challenging (the home\ school balance) and yet the most rewarding teaching assignment of my career. I hope in these last two weeks your grandchildren have given you a taste of the rewards. Your daughter is so very blessed to have a mother who has willingly stepped in and carried this torch for her as she recovers. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. It was a challenge to get into a different rhythm at my age, but a joy no less. Thanks for your thoughts, David. We squeezed in a day trip to a museum on the middle weekend. This gave all of us something to look forward to and the motivation to stay on task with the not so fun stuff. The trip was a great diversion for all, creating a treasure of memories.


  2. We had a similar experience, looking after our 2 youngest Grandchildren for a month as the rest of their family made the move back to Ontario from another province. Being retired and in a pandemic our house was rather quiet and slow, only to have perpetual motion appear. Yet it was a blessing to spend this amount of time with them. We all survived and have untold memories to treasure.

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    1. I love your description, “perpetual motion appears” which is absolutely correct. Their motion put more motion into me. I wore a pedometer for one week and had multiple days that I walked over eight miles never leaving the house. Who needs a gym? Just keep your grandchildren around, it will keep the joints and muscles limber!

      Thank you for reading and sharing, David. Have a blessed weekend.

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