Two Years!

This week I celebrate two years of writing and sharing my devotionals, Bible studies, and other occasional tidbits. I would love to give every reader a cupcake to celebrate with me. Since that’s not possible you’ll have to settle for a virtual treat instead.

If you’ve been reading for much of that duration, you’re aware of some of my stories. I am a trauma survivor. My blog writing was birthed from a passion that no other person struggles with life to a point of hopelessness. In Christ Jesus, there is always hope. But it doesn’t always come easy.

Background Context
Surviving my son’s suicide and later the suicide of my husband left indelible marks in my life. I share about the hope that got me through in “Polished Shells” and “Beautiful Scars.” I’m certain no one is immune to grief, loss, trauma, pain, anguish, or abuse of some kind. It comes in many forms and we will all experience suffering sometime in our life. The real question is, how will we endure it? How will we survive and not lose hope when it happens?

Where’s the “treat” I mentioned? It’s the video clip below. At some point in my own survival process, I came across this wonderful series of short, 2-minute devotional videos that point viewers to the Great Shepherd—Jehovah. They always affirm truth and brighten my day. Ray Carman is a shepherd of sheep, the woolly coated animal kind. He produces delightful daily lessons that he learns through caring for his sheep.

Originally, Ray made a short two-minute video about a rejected lamb that he shared with a few friends. That video became the genesis of a ministry. Ray produces daily lessons and has authored devotional books following the response to his spontaneous clip. His original message is timeless and superb in its simple purity.

“Now may the God of peace, who brought up from the dead our Lord Jesus—the great Shepherd of the sheep—through the blood of the everlasting covenant, equip you with everything good to do his will, working in us what is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” (Hebrews 13:20-21, CSB).

Dear Reader, thank you for regularly reading my musings and contributing via your comments. Friend, please do me the honor of enjoying this treat today, push the play button, and then REJOICE that we have a risen resurrected eternal shepherd in Christ Jesus.

Father God, thank You for being the caring Shepherd who oversees. You provide for all our needs. When we experience the pain of suffering or rejection You are there to comfort, console, and aid in our survival as we put our trust in You. Hallelujah! Amen.

Author Bio
I am a follower of Jesus Christ, grandmother, great-grandmother, foster care parent, and trauma survivor. I enjoy sipping tea, writing devotionals, prayers, short stories, and unburdening my heart to the Lord. Check the About page if you want to read more of my story.

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30 thoughts on “Two Years!

  1. Wow Manette! You said something in place of a cupcake…but you gave us a sumptuous gateau in brother Ray! What an encouraging brother indeed, thank you for sharing him with us.
    Has it really been two years already, we must have started roughly about the same time on WordPress? We had a famous TV presenter in the UK called Bruce Forsyth whose final years was spent on Strictly Come Dancing, he would say to each contestant surreptitiously at the end of each interview “You are my favourite!” the joke being that he loved to encourage all of them. I tell you this Manette, because I say in all sincerity you are one of my favourite writers on WordPress. Your posts are clearly written after much prayer and reading of His Word, and they always bless me. May our Father God continue to guide and bless your ministry dear sister in the days ahead. 🙏

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    1. Oh, Alan, I feel a special fondness with you too. I am so grateful to have introduced Ray to those who follow/read my musings.

      I encourage all to look up Rays rough unpolished FIRST video. I could not find it in his playlist but when I put “The Rejected Lamb Ray Carman” in my browser it shows up in the search. It is so worth watching the very first. The video’s fuzzy but the message is crystal clear and deals with rejection.

      Jehovah bless you today!

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  2. I was blessed by your digital treat, as well, Manette Kay. Ray speaks with the true heart of a shepherd and a follower of Christ. Congratulations on your two years of ministry here on Word Press! Your thoughts and experiences as a trauma survivor are invaluable to others who are facing trials themselves.

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  3. Happy blogversary Manette! So sorry to hear what you have been through! Praise God for giving you strength and then inspiration to write! I enjoyed the virtual cupcake 😀 God bless you and your ministry 😊

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    1. Thank you, Deano. Ray’s clip dovetailed wonderfully with my story. There is a reason any of us go through trials and suffering in life. Like Paul shares, “He comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any kind of affliction, through the comfort we ourselves receive from God.”

      Thank you for reading and joining in the conversation. Jehovah bless you!

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  4. Congratulations on two years in the blogosphere sharing Christ with others. Lisa and I are approaching our two year anniversary this summer. What a treat Ray Carman is! Thanks for sharing. I have already listened to five of his videos and subscribed to his channel! I was excited to see that he is in Gallatin, TN which is not that far from my home. Have a blessed day, Manette!

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    1. Thanks, Gina, I find I’ll binge watch several because the videos are so short and the message in each one is so good. Wow, that is neat you are near him. I think he does speaking engagements maybe one day you can hear him in person. That would be a genuine treat. Jehovah bless you today!


  5. Manette, your writings touch my heart deeply. And the video was so perfect. Thank you for allowing God to use your example as a trauma survivor to bring hope and encourage all of us who are blessed to read your writing. I read your two posts, Beautiful Scars and Polished Shells, also. From your brokenness has come a wealth of beauty, and I’m so grateful you are willing to share from your pain.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, SimplyB. All praise should be directed to our King. He alone is worthy of the adoration and praise.

      I’m compelled to share because if I don’t the pain would be pointless, the evil one would gain a scrimmage, and I would wallow in self-pity and hopelessness. But the LORD is victorious and breathes life where there is none.

      Jehovah bless you.

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  6. Happy Blog-aversiary Manette! I have gleaned so much from your writing in the short while that I have been following your blog. Your love for Jesus and passion for His Word is evident in all you publish. Thank you for the “cupcake.” That video was excellent and he gave the best definition of discipleship I’ve ever heard.

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  7. Congratulations on the two years Manette. I am so sorry for what you went through, I did not know. You carry all this with a grace that God has bestowed on you. God is your strength, comfort and peace. I am so blessed by your writing and I pray that the Lord will continue to use you to speak into the lives of others.
    God bless you Manette.

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  8. This is a wonderful virtual cupcake Manette! Thankyou for sharing your story, you inspire so many!
    If you were in our church I’d want to sit down with you over a regular cuppa and hear your wisdom and be your friend, but your regular posts will have to suffice! Happy Blogversary!

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