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I would guess many bloggers, like myself process by writing. I may mull over an issue for hours, days, or more depending on what I’m pondering. Then I journal to get it out and sort my thoughts. Recently, I did my processing by writing a free-verse poem. It started with two words that kept bouncing around in my mind. The two words are the title of my poem.

Sun Kissed

Winter’s brown grasses begin to morph
with sun-kissed hues of green
budding trees are stretching toward bright rays,
they give invitation to stroll in the warmth of spring.

Pure joy—as darkness gives way to lengthening light

Breathless children laugh and play as dormancy ends.
Their sun-kissed cheeks blush in fun.

Glistening lake water swells in the breeze
each rising peak graces a kiss of sun.

My sun-kissed forehead marks the passage of time.
The report may be good news or bad
yet trust need not waver
I’m loved just the same.
The Son’s kiss of Life still remains.

© Manette Kay

In conjunction with writing, on happy occasions, I praise God, sing spontaneously, or do a private happy dance. During troubling times, I search the word of God to keep my faith anchored and I lean into Jehovah through prayer to find comfort, hope, and peace.

Dear Reader, how do you process life? Whether it be happy circumstances or something troubling, big or small, what do you do? Others may be inspired or encouraged by your sharing.

Dear Jehovah, you are good. Your mercy endures forever. You are the God of gods and your love never fails. You made the light of the sun that rules each day. And you gave your Son to demonstrate perfect love. Hallelujah!

Author Bio
I am a follower of Jesus Christ, grandmother, great-grandmother, foster care parent, and trauma survivor. I enjoy sipping tea, writing devotionals, prayers, short stories, and unburdening my heart to the Lord. Check the About page if you want to read more of my story.

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Sunrays image by Tim Stemler from Pixabay.
Scripture added by Manette Kay.

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16 thoughts on “Processing Life

  1. I love your beautiful word pictures in the poem Manette, and your openness regarding your ways of processing life. I get much encouragement from reading the Word and finding new notes for my journal. But I also love praising God in music, either on Spotify or YouTube. Sometimes I just chill out in the garden or go for a walk or drive. In all these possibilities I seek Him, even if only a sigh. May our Father God bless you dear sister.

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  2. Great verse and key thought Manette. I know I process best walking through the woods or in a boat on a still lake. Sometimes journaling does a partial process for me but never seems to be complete. Processing takes much time.

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  3. Beautiful picture and beautiful words Manette. I write to process my thoughts. But I do love listening to worship music and just praising God especially when I go for a walk.

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  4. Beautiful poem, Manette! One of my favorite lines was “budding trees are stretching toward bright rays, they give invitation to stroll in the warmth of spring” as it points to how I process life. A solitary walk with our dogs through the countryside is where I process life best. Fortunately they require daily walks. It’s in this place that my mind can quiet and listen and that’s when the Lord brings to mind scriptures tucked away in my heart. Without time spent in the Word each morning, I wouldn’t be able to process the ups and downs of life on these walks.

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  5. To process, as you express it, that I meditate, usually in complete silence. (Not the emptying meditation of the east, but a filling meditation in which I focus on God alone [I like Jehovah, too, as a name, but so few people understand it I have kept it for personal use only] and am filled by whatever The Spirit wants to feed me as I wait at the foot of the cross of Jesus). I term it a discipline of humility that opens the pathway to discernment.
    I found your poem especially inspired.

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    1. Thanks for sharing, David. Regarding the use of Jehovah, I’m currently in the midst of an indepth study on the name of God. Most people equate God’s titles and character traits as names.

      Generations may be led into ignorant naivety if some things in scripture are not openly talked about, discussed, or practiced. Thus, once I learn something, I tend to not be silent about it.

      Thank you for the kind words about the poem. Jehovah bless you.

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