Caution Infectious

Recently, I encountered a person who infected me. This man was working the checkout register at a consignment shop I entered. He did not infect me with a virus, illness, or some other dreadful thing; no this is an infection I hope to spread more of.

As I waited in line while the man took care of the patron in front of me, his tone of discourse was jovial. It generated a thought that they were friends or maybe knew each other. The communication was unlike the dull routine so often said with flat-line emotion, “Did you find everything you need?”

When it was my turn, the salesclerk greeted me with a contagious smile and was equal in animated conversation. He had uncontainable joy overflowing. I keep gospel tracts in my wallet to give away when there’s an opportunity. As I paid for my purchases, I offered this man a tract which he accepted and said, “Thank you! You just made my day,” he then burst into a song about Jesus while doing a spontaneous little dance. He blessed me and then greeted the next customer.

His Joy Infected Me
Genuine joy from the Spirit overflows splashes out of us and saturates people around us. It is contagious like a virus. Signs of abundant joy are an enthusiastic zeal for life that the countenance reveals and the body feels.

As I climbed into my car with a big smile and a light heart. I prayed, “LORD, let your Spirit shine through me infecting others as that man just did me.”

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope” (Romans 15:13, ESV).

“…for you have been my help, and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy” (Psalm63:7, ESV).

“If you keep My commandments and obey My teaching, you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and remain in his love. I have told you these things so that my joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy may be made full and complete and overflowing” (John 15:10-11, AMP). Bold emphasis was added by me.

Dear Reader, how is your joy? Are you infecting others as they encounter you throughout the day? If you don’t know the joy that comes from a heart freed from the bondage of sin and security in Christ’s forgiveness, click the questions tab to learn more.

Dear Father God, thank you for filling us with eternal joy that comes from knowing what you have done for us. Holy Spirit keep my eyes fixed on Jesus the author and perfector of my faith so that genuine joy overflows each day. Let my countenance shine with your glory drawing others into your presence. Put a song in my heart and a skip in my step. In the strong name of Jesus. Amen.

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ, grandmother, great-grandmother, foster care parent, and trauma survivor. I enjoy sipping tea, writing devotionals, prayers, short stories, and unburdening my heart to the Lord. Check the About page if you want to read more of my story.

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24 thoughts on “Caution Infectious

  1. What a refreshingly hopeful post, Manette Kay! 🎶This joy that I have, the world didn’t give it to me. And the world can’t take it away. 🎶 There’s a level of joy that only Jesus can bring. Romans 15:3, and the other scriptures you reference, are powerful evidence.
    God’s best to you, always.

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  2. What a wonderful encounter Manette. This encourages and challenges me. I hope and pray to reflect and spread an infectious spiritual Joy.

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  3. What an incredible, inspiring story. This man has what I like to call ‘the happy gene”; in fact, I’m writing a story about ‘the happy gene’ right now! I get that same feeling every time we babysit our two year old granddaughter, Colette. There’s an angel residing inside that child! She spreads love and joy where ever she goes and whoever she’s with. I thank God every day for bringing this blessing into our lives. God bless you and keep you always! ☺️ 🙏🏼

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  4. I’ve had similar experiences with random strangers who let their joy spill over and it is so refreshing! I want to be a transmitter of the infectious joy of Jesus. I echo your prayer, Manette. Joy in my heart and a skip in my step. Blessings to you today.

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    1. And….my car license plate is ROM1513. My life verse. Joy and peace and hope AS WE TRUST HIM! Key word being trust, I believe. Thanks for such an encouraging post.

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    2. Simply B, another reader used the word “refreshing” in the comments. That is a good descriptive of having joy splashed upon you by the presence of another who has so much they can’t contain it.

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