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When we cross paths, he seems to do a happy little jig. Mr. Delightful (not his real name) is like that so upbeat and full of life, he radiates joy nonstop, and his exuberance is magnetic. I’ve been blessed to cross paths with Mr. Delightful at various times. Each time he impacts my spirit.

Mr. Delightful has a distinct aura that attracts people. Often I’ve heard customers at his workplace say, “I come into this store merely to hear Mr. Delightful. He’s so cheery, after being around him it’s impossible to be unhappy.”

During our recent encounter, Mr. Delightful asked me, “What’s new in your life?”

“I took on a second job as part-time seasonal help cashiering in an arts and craft store. We now have similar work. I hope I impact others the way you do.”

We continued to talk about other life commonalities. Because he expressed an interest in creative arts and the desire to learn more or network with others, I invited him to the writer’s group I belong to. While telling him the group’s schedule, I remembered his workplace is open for business on Saturdays, the day the group meets. I asked, “Do you have to work Saturdays?”

“I don’t have to work any day; I get to serve!”

The statement’s truth cut my spirit like a sword. A few days prior, I had accepted my new position knowing I’d have to work on Saturdays. Mr. Delightful’s answer revealed an element of his optimistic and jovial spirit—framing. A simple shift in the way he looks at or interprets a given situation results in a 180-degree turnaround.

We both recognized we share a foundational commonality in our faith in Christ Jesus. We wrapped up our friendly chat and went our separate ways.

“I don’t have to work; I get to serve” reverberated in my soul. I thanked the Lord for this encounter, Mr. Delightful’s framing helped erect another spiritual mile-marker.

One can often see turnarounds when reading Psalms—a shift in framing. Let’s look at an example by King David.

“How long, LORD? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
How long will I store up anxious concerns within me,
agony in my mind every day?
How long will my enemy dominate me?

Consider me and answer, LORD my God.
Restore brightness to my eyes;
otherwise, I will sleep in death.
My enemy will say, ‘I have triumphed over him,’
and my foes will rejoice because I am shaken.

But I have trusted in your faithful love;
my heart will rejoice in your deliverance.
I will sing to the LORD
because he has treated me generously.”
(Psalm 13, CSB)

Dear Reader, do you see the turnaround? David begins by questioning God, he transitions to rationalizing, then concludes with new framing by acknowledging, trusting, and praising God. Is there anything in your life you need to re-frame to align with God? If so, don’t delay calling out to God today.

Gracious God our Father, thank You for directing my days. You are faithful and good to me. Your mercy is great and You are worthy of unending adoration and praise. Thank You for shifting my perspective to rightly see through a Christ-like attitude. Holy Spirit, help me to reveal the fullness of Life on the countenance of my face, the kindness of my words, and the posture of my body. May the name of the LORD be exalted because You are generous. Amen.

My first contact with Mr. Delightful can be read in “Caution Infectious”. 

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14 thoughts on “I Get To

  1. I love Mr. Delightful’s attitude…what a guy! The example of David in the psalms is all about being open and available to God, letting His Spirit inspire us in all situations. O how I need to be as open as David to divine guidance. Thank you Manette for following up on this story. God bless you sister.

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    1. Alan, I like his attitude too he challenges and inspires me. However, I must remember it is his genuine alignment with Christ and the joy of the LORD flowing through him that is attractive. I know that Mr. Delightful is a human like you and me. It is his absolute surrender to God, moment by moment, who makes him joyful.

      The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead resides in us. When James, brother of Jesus, wrote to the twelve tribes he specifically reminded them they had the same access and power, through prayer, as the prophet Elijah, “The prayer of a righteous person is very powerful in its effect. Elijah was a human being as we are. . .” (James 5:16b-17a, CSB). Likewise, we have the same access to overflowing joy as Mr. Delightful. Therefore, my awe must be in the Giver of Life not the man. May our gracious God bless you today.


  2. Amen, Manette Kay. Reframing, something many Bible heroes did plenty of, is essential to walking rightly with God. The challenge is to do this regularly—humble myself and submit to God’s leadership, even when I initially don’t want to. The verse from 1st or 2nd Peter, I just alluded to reminds us that God will lift us up in due time. Thank you for the reminder to reframe my circumstances in light of God’s plan for my life, and the reality of eternity. Blessings!

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    1. Thank you for sharing, David. It caused me to do some digging to find the verse you touched on. It is in Peter’s epistle as he wrote about submission to elders. “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that he may exalt you at the proper time. . .” (1 Peter 5:6, CSB). Verse 5 presents the key element of this type of humility, “. . .God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble” (1 Peter 5:5b, CSB).

      We can have that type of grace as we submit to the LORD every day, hour, and moment. In Christ, have a blessed day!

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  3. ” We all need someone like that in our lives” is my first response, yet God asks us to be that someone in others lives. How challenging. It makes me wonder how much I need to “reframe”

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    1. Gary, you’re correct, we are to be that someone in other peoples lives through the power of the resurrection. I keep reminding myself the SAME spirit resides in me. Thanks for reading and sharing. In the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ have a blessed day!

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  4. I get to serve – wow! That is a wonderful attitude. And looking at what you pointed out in the psalm, hmm we have the God who is the source of all things good. May we look to him, surrender and live with a joy that can only come from his presence.

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  5. I’ve known a few Mr./Ms. Delightfuls in my time too. They undoubtedly make a big difference in this world, especially because of the ripple effect. Lord, help me join their ranks and display a Christ-like attitude wherever I go!

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