I admire two men of noble character, Joseph and Job. The Bible records stories about both of these men of faith. Why these two men? Because of the way they maintained their righteousness despite the unjust, horrific, and traumatic events that occurred in their lives I’m drawn to their stories again and again.

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Blackout Forgiveness

I blacked out forgiveness. Before you unsubscribe me for fear, I’ve departed my Biblical values and beliefs, please hear me out. In the US we just celebrated Mother’s Day. It can be a day filled with difficult emotions for people who are grieving the death of their mother, the loss of a child, those in the throes of infertility, or for other reasons.

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Shhh, the Flowers are Speaking

Come take a virtual walk with me. Every spring I love to photograph the flowers announcing spring is here or near. It gives me such joy to see their beauty and draws me outside. In my garden, the first to emerge from winter’s slumber is daffodils and I’m blessed to have a few varieties. Each year they whisper the same sweet oration to me as they primp and pose for this annual photo shoot.

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Processing Life

I would guess many bloggers, like myself process by writing. I may mull over an issue for hours, days, or more depending on what I’m pondering. Then I journal to get it out and sort my thoughts. Recently, I did my processing by writing a free-verse poem. It started with two words that kept bouncing around in my mind. The two words are the title of my poem.

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Two Years!

This week I celebrate two years of writing and sharing my devotionals, Bible studies, and other occasional tidbits. I would love to give every reader a cupcake to celebrate with me. Since that’s not possible you’ll have to settle for a virtual treat instead.

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Prayers on the Cross – again

I’m repeating a prior post. When originally published this was one of seven posts researching the prayers of Jesus. This one, examines the three distinct prayers of Jesus, our Redeemer, while he suffered on the cross. With the observance of Good Friday and Easter, what better prayers to look at than those of Jesus Christ. After all, he is the Master, Teacher above all teachers, and the only one unstained by sin.

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My Big Playground

Psychological and physiological trauma can generate a vast array of symptoms in people relative to the magnitude of trauma experienced. One symptom that can occur is difficulty making decisions. This happens to be one I’ve wrestled with and for a long time, I had no idea why making a decision was paralyzing for me.

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False Alarm

I had an interesting experience happen on Sunday. A couple of smoke alarms at one of the properties I oversee began to malfunction. After checking the situation and determining the detectors needed to be replaced, I headed to the local building materials store for new ones.

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That Reasonable Voice

Today, I share a guest post by Steve Beckham author of the blog Thoughts Along the Way. Steve has written a literary piece of art about the time Jesus spent in the desert after being baptized. Through his masterful writing, Steve takes the reader into the desert with Jesus leaving you with profound truth. Read his short story “The Reasonable Voice” and experience Scripture as never before.

Thoughts Along the Way

Luke 4:1-13;Matthew 4:1-11


By the end of the third day his hunger pangs began to fade.He had fasted before and expected this, and thanked God for this small blessing that made the discipline easier.A little easier.But he knew, too, that his craving for food could come roaring back unexpectedly, that his body’s impulse to survive would mean that no stray lizard or bug or mouse or even scorpion would be safe from his appetite unless he harnessed his will and tuned his physical hunger to the feast of his spirit.

He had fasted many times for a day, several times for three days, and once even for seven days.He knew what to expect and how to prepare for such fasts.But this time was different.Very different.He had not prepared for this fast.He had been led to it… led here, to this parched, eerie, yet providential place in the wilderness.Led by…

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