Not There Yet

I’m nearing the completion of reading through my Day by Day Chronological Bible. I shared a few thoughts about this Bible here. It’s taken me nearly three years to get through, for life happens, and I’m easily distracted, especially when a pandemic unsettles our world. Rather than race through like a rabbit, I have continued to trudge through at a tortoise pace, wanting to glean whatever God had for me.

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Outrageous Returns!

Recently a Scripture passage stopped me in my tracks. I reread it several times and continued to ponder it for a few days. The passage was from one of Paul’s letters to the church in Corinth.

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Dad, Help!

This week, I had an appointment that was a three-hour drive from home. I packed an overnight bag, uncertain if I would make the return trip back on the same day. Then loaded it and my dogs in the car. Because my tank was half empty, I knew I would need to stop for fuel on my excursion.

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Our Rescuer

While reading the book of Acts, I noticed themes about God’s character and mankind’s propensity towards sin. I was in chapter seven after the Sanhedrin falsely accuse Stephen of blasphemy.

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How Big is Your Light?

When my children were young, I assisted our local church with a Bible memorization program for youth. Teams from area churches competed against one another in a game show quiz format. Regional, state, and national tournaments took place. To prepare, team members memorized entire chapters and books of the Bible.

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Pain and Power

Remembering can generate both pain and power. August is the month of my youngest son’s birthday. If you’re new to my blog, the son I reference died by suicide in 2007. He was 21, I can’t imagine him any older than that.

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Peanut Butter Cabinet

I have two small dogs named Tucker and Webster. They do their jobs of being my companions and security alarm system. If someone knocks at the door or enters my home, they tell me, “someone’s here!”

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I love how the Holy Spirit can reveal something fresh in a familiar passage of scripture. Today, while I was reading in the Gospel of Mark, I was reminded again of God’s sufficiency by the response Jesus gave his disciples.

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Calm Trust

One lesson we can learn from the Teacher, Jesus Christ, is calm trust. As I was reading a passage in the gospel of Matthew, I was struck by the juxtaposing reactions of Jesus and his disciples.

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Real Freedom

In the US, we just celebrated Independence Day, commemorating the day we became a free and independent nation. That freedom isn’t perfect, at best it is a representation of true liberty. Nations rise and fall. However, genuine freedom is available to all regardless of the country where you reside.

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