Like a Vapor

While growing up, each of my children participated in various scripture memorization activities at home, in the church, during youth programs, and through Bible quizzing. It was a practice I encouraged because I find evidence of it mentioned in the Bible.

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Scrappy Quilt

This year, I finished making my first quilt. I’ve had a long-time yearning to make one. I found a method that uses fabric scraps to produce the quilt. This appealed to me more because I find a sense of satisfaction in the creative process of repurposing things versus discarding them.

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A Prayer Tool

Have you heard the saying the right tool for the job? Usually, this is in reference to productivity and safety. A brief look at any people throughout the history of humanity and you will undoubtedly see instruments, devices, and gadgets created to make a task or job easier to perform. The best tools do generate efficient use of time.

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Specific Prayer

Meeting other brothers and sisters in Christ on WordPress is a great blessing. As I read various other authors’ posts, I have been enlightened, encouraged, challenged, convicted, gained wisdom, and learned more about life and Jesus.

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Bless the Lord

For the past two weeks, I had five of my grandchildren under my care as their momma recuperates from major surgery. I’m not accustomed to the rhythm of homeschooling, meals, laundry, and life with five each day. In the midst of the chaos that comes naturally with kids, pets, and altered schedules, I lost focus a couple of times. But then I cried out in prayer and God answered always showing his faithfulness.

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Polished Shells

This writing is a repost from my earliest days of blogging. The lesson dovetails well with the theme in my last post Greatly Blessed.

Walking the Beach
I walked the beach enjoying moments of spiritual solitude and inner peace. Rhythmic waves crashed upon the shore. The powerful ocean waves deposited shells and I began to pick them up and examine them, thinking about my life.

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Greatly Blessed

A woman recently asked me, “How do you remain joyful?” A similar question or remark often follows people learning of my story. For new readers, I’m a survivor of two suicides—my son and then later my husband.

My response to the question is always, “By sheer faith, it is not of myself. Christ alone helped me to survive. I couldn’t survive once and certainly not a second time.” The woman gently probed further seeking something more concrete and less cliché despite the truth of my reply.

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Eternal Impact

Last week, in Changed Trajectory, I shared the family legacy that assisted in bringing spiritual transformation to my dad and subsequently our family. I’m continuing with the theme of prayer, not by my usual style of writing rather through a poem.

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Changed Trajectory

Most followers of Christ will agree that prayer has the potential to change things. Not of ourselves but through the power of God. Some deploy prayer as a desperate last-minute option, like using a parachute as the plane goes down. That group will call out to God when everything else has failed or when tragedy strikes them. Many of us may have been in that group before we became devoted followers of Christ. Our “parachute prayer” may have been the first real communication with our Maker and Redeemer.

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Road Trip Lesson

Last week, I went on a road trip to deliver and complete the sale of a vehicle. According to Google Maps, my destination was a five-hour drive. My dad followed behind for the transportation back home.

The evening before, I had checked my computer, finding there were three possible routes with similar travel times. I wanted the one which had no tolls, appeared would have less traffic, and was the most direct from point A to point B.

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