That Reasonable Voice

Today, I share a guest post by Steve Beckham author of the blog Thoughts Along the Way. Steve has written a literary piece of art about the time Jesus spent in the desert after being baptized. Through his masterful writing, Steve takes the reader into the desert with Jesus leaving you with profound truth. Read his short story “The Reasonable Voice” and experience Scripture as never before.

Thoughts Along the Way

Luke 4:1-13;Matthew 4:1-11


By the end of the third day his hunger pangs began to fade.He had fasted before and expected this, and thanked God for this small blessing that made the discipline easier.A little easier.But he knew, too, that his craving for food could come roaring back unexpectedly, that his body’s impulse to survive would mean that no stray lizard or bug or mouse or even scorpion would be safe from his appetite unless he harnessed his will and tuned his physical hunger to the feast of his spirit.

He had fasted many times for a day, several times for three days, and once even for seven days.He knew what to expect and how to prepare for such fasts.But this time was different.Very different.He had not prepared for this fast.He had been led to it… led here, to this parched, eerie, yet providential place in the wilderness.Led by…

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Wrap Up

Yesterday, my women’s Bible study group completed our study on Biblical fasting. In this post, I will share some concluding thoughts and a free downloadable Bible study guide.

At the onset of this study I never anticipated the depth of riches I would gain throughout this learning experience. The sentiment that best expresses what I feel is, “I once was blind but now I see.” I was spiritually blind by my ignorance about the significance of fasting as part of the Christian life.

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Right Way, Wrong Way

Most of us could generate a lengthy list, with little imagination to fit the old aphorism, “There is no right way of doing a wrong thing.” Today, we’re going to look at the reverse of that pithy phrase because God gave an explicit warning about the wrong way to do the “right” thing. In the last three posts, we established through Scriptures that fasting is the right thing for Christians to do.

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The Big Question, Why?

In my last two posts, “Wildfire Contagion” and “The Fire Continues” we established, through Scripture, fasting is just as much a normal part of the Christian life as giving and praying. Then we defined fasting according to the Bible. Today, we’ll look at why we should or would want to fast.

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The Fire Continues

Last week, I shared about the holy fire ignited in my women’s Bible study as we began examining the Scriptures about Biblical fasting. Previously, I had misconceptions, thinking the Bible said little on the subject and that it was an optional practice. Both thoughts were incorrect.

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Wildfire Contagion

Does an “aha” moment excite you, the times of triumphant discovery that bring forth an epiphany? You gain a fresh perspective, a new understanding of something. This past week, my ladies Bible study group had such an experience.

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New Day – New Mercies

On cold, gray, overcast days of Midwest winters, it takes an intentional effort for me to wake up with a sunny disposition. My flesh would rather hibernate on those days. Then we are blessed with an occasional clear, crisp, cold, but sunshiny day that breaks the tiresome repetition. On such a morning, I woke, and the first thought through my mind was, “Hope is arising!” like the sun that was seeping through my windows.

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Put it On

Do you ever experience days when you feel a heaviness of soul? On days like that, I know I must be intentional about my thoughts and actions. If I’m not, I will soon end out in a pit such as David speaks of. “He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure” (Psalm 40:2, ESV).

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Reverently Stored

Several times, I have written about prayer, approaching it from different Scriptures and perspectives. I have offered a free Bible study on prayer that can be found here. Today, we’ll examine prayer from the vantage point described in the book of Revelation.

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Still My Heart

During the quietness, on Christmas Day, I wrote the following poem. The first stanza burst forth as a prayerful song in my heart. I found myself singing and humming it all day. Later, I sat down and worked on the remainder in meditation concluding with a crescendo of praise.

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