Fork in the Road

Recently, I shared with a young person that decisions in life are like coming to a fork in the road. The direction we choose sets a course for our life. No matter how we arrive at forks, at that point, we have the opportunity to make a choice that leads us on a path for better, or we can choose the road that will cause us to become bitter. Those moments are before each of us with every decision we make.

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Spiritual Mile Markers

One of the benefits I have gained from years of journaling is a record of spiritual mile markers. What is a spiritual mile marker? I think of them as a particular point in one’s life when you learned a valuable lesson about God and His character.

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Not Crushed

We are often troubled, but not crushed. . . (2 Corinthians 4:8, GNT).

I have been gone from the blog presence on an unplanned hiatus. Life slammed my emotions, mental health, finances, and my body. Hmmm… doesn’t that sound a bit like Job? Comparatively, my circumstances are not that drastic. Nor have I been thrown in a den of lions like Daniel, sold into slavery like Joseph, beaten and imprisoned like Paul, or crucified like Christ.

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Sprayed by a Skunk – part 2

Those who read part one of Sprayed by a Skunk may be curious about the same thing my boss was. He asked me, “Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk?” My answer inspired a story that was later shared during the morning devotions at the Christian school where I was working.

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Sprayed by a Skunk – part 1

I once worked at a Christian school where all the staff were required to attend training. There was a small group so we carpooled and while driving home the school administrator asked me, “Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk?”

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A Dry Well

Recently, I was invited to write a guest post for Devotional Treasurers. Alan Kearns, authors this daily blog that includes: a devotional reading and featured song. I am reposting my guest contribution for readers who may not have seen Alan’s blog. I included the song he chose to compliment this writing. Alan has a real gift with paring a great song selection with each of his devotionals. If music ministers to you in a significant way I would encourage you to check out Alan’s blog.

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Good Friction

A dear friend and I enjoyed tea together this week. It’s been over a year since we have savored the pleasure of in-person conversation. It was wonderful to catch up with one another. During our conversation, I mentioned that the past year has been one of much growth for me. I stated that the process has been harsh but the end results are good. I was speaking of relationship changes amongst family, friends, the extra people interactions with foster parenting, and what God was doing in my heart.

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Identity—Know Your Purpose/Mission

This is the third in a mini-series about having peace in the midst of stress through a healthy understanding of our identity, particularly as a follower of Christ. A quick recap for those who are just jumping in:

  1. Knowing whose we are gives confidence and alleviates the stress of others trying to define us. We are either a child of God through our adoption or we are a child of the evil one to who we were all naturally born.
  2. Knowing who you’re trying to please will determine life goals and guide daily decisions. We can’t please everyone but we can live to please one. That mindset relieves the stress of people-pleasing performance.
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Identity—Know Who You’re Trying to Please

Last week we established our identity is in a large part from knowing whose we are. Once we are confident in the fact of whose we are, it will determine our life goals, course of action, and guide our daily decisions. Most likely you know or can guess who Jesus lived to please. But we will confirm assumptions through the Scriptures.

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Identity—Know Whose You Are

I have been finding messages on painted stones around the community where I live. Someone leaves them on park benches, on bridge rails, and along the bike trails. Yesterday, I found the one pictured above and reflected how its message was synonymous with the post I had been working on, maybe you’ll agree.

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